So who is this person with the unusual, yet memorable name and why does she have a website?

  • I’m a Sydneysider who dreams of working and living around the world for NGO’s or Not for profit organisations that drive sustainable change for the lives of the locals.
  • A proud fur baby mother to a 12 year old corgi x named Cooper who is an old man wrapped in a puppies body.
  • An avid traveller, bad joke teller, scrabble champion and baker of a mean cheesecake.
  • I like nothing more than travelling the world, working with people to improve their lives, rolling out my yoga mat or curling up with a great book.
  • Work wise, I am a Senior Human Resources Leader and champion of change, who is driven by and derives energy from team members, their love for what they do and their ultimate career success.
  • An accredited mindfulness, life and corporate coach, I am available to work with you.
  • I can’t play table tennis, but I am an excellent pool player, cart wheeler, dancer and back in the day an award winning debater, short story writer, netballer and swimmer.
  • I am loyal, honest, supportive of ideas, however unbelievable they may seem and my values are what drive me to be the best person I can be, each and every day.
  • I love a great meal, a wonderful wine or cocktail and some seriously stimulating conversation.
  • A newbie to yoga and meditation, I find it centres me, gives my mind space and has helped me with a chronic illness I have.

I created this website to share ideas, travel tips, coaching opportunities I can offer and frankly because the domain address was cheap – I mean, how many other Sheryn Crummy’s are out there!



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