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Luang Prabang you stole my heart

I sit. Quiet, contemplative and grateful
The mighty Mekong flows before me
Almost pink up close, water low in dry season
Long boats roar against the current
A copse of bamboo grows beside me
The day windless, but I hear their song
Deep, soulful, rooted


The silence of Luang Prabang envelops me
Awash with a feeling of serenity, wholeness, peace
I see faces, smiling, happy, content
Rich in love, culture and family
A scooter roars by
Three young girls returning from school
Laughing as they recall their day
Young boys follow, flirting smiles pass between
Do they know what their future holds
Do they have a future?
To me they do, they must
They need to grow this nation
Spread their joy. Move away from their past

I cycle home, tuk tuk drivers calling their destinations
Khung Si Falls, the caves, day trips outside of Luang Prabang
I question
Why leave, why leave this beauty, this peace
Wander its streets, discover its people

Night fall comes and main street fills with markets
Lanterns sway in the breeze
Local weaving from nearby villages
Jewellery made from found shrapnel of war
Children run between stalls, babies on their mothers knees

By 11 the town is silent
There are places to go but tonight I choose to dream
Sleep peacefully and awaken tomorrow in this place
This place that has stolen my heart

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