Over the course of my career I have had to coach and mentor colleagues, team members and senior executives on a number of topics. More recently I have become focused on the more personal and transformative methods of coaching for your (and my own personal) life.  To ensure that I can always do the best by the coach/coachee relationship I am accredited in a number of coaching capabilities.

Emotional Intelligence coaching

Commonly known as EI or EQ, Emotional intelligence is our ability to perceive, express, understand and manage our own and the emotions of others in both an effective and an individually appropriate way. This is effective both in our working and in our personal lives.

Decades of research has consistently shown that emotions, more than any other factor, incliding IQ (or intelligence quotient), are what motivates us to act or react as the case may be. For me, I began the study of Emotional intelligence for my own use as I had a personal trigger where under stress, I would start crying – no reason for it. A simple emotional reaction to stressful or high pressure situations. As a professional, it’s not really very becoming! . Every decision we take, every choice made, is influenced by our ability to manage our feelings in one way or another, to either feel better or to avoid feeling badly.

Leadership coaching

The coaching relationship is about having open conversations that deal with real challenges and day to day issues that happen in the workplace. The coaching process can give a leader or manager a new perspective, focus and attitude toward their role and their teams. Coaching enables leaders to undertake and manage both personal and organisational transformation by providing support and keeping them focused on reaching their personal and professional goals.

Mindfulness coaching

Becoming more mindful is about developing our own and others ability and willingness to focus on just one thing at any one given moment in time. This means if you’re walking, rather than allowing your mind to drift off in thought, simply just walk and open your senses to what’s going on around you in the outside world. Headphones out of your ears and listen and if a thought pops into your head, don’t ignore it, but let it drift off and it will come back to you at a later point in time to be dealt with. Becoming more mindful  is about developing gratitude and appreciation of the present moment. Allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy each day, each moment and basically to give your brain a small window of detox from the pressures we all face each and every day.

Life Coaching

A life coach is one of those things that often is completely misunderstood. We don’t tell you how you should live your life or how you should change your situation we are simply a collaborative partner with you for creating change and transformation in your own life. A sounding board if you will. We can be a source of encouragement, accountability and support. A guide for achieving a goal you want to set for yourself and creating lasting personal transformation or we can simply be a brainstorming partner for generating ideas and putting those plans into action. Kind of like the best friend you talk to but the focus is wholly and solely on you without the influx of their issues clouding your mind, and in this case wine is not involved!